The Margaret S. Mahler
Child Development Foundation
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The Margaret S. Mahler Child Development Foundation was established in 1970. The Foundation's work is aimed at increasing understanding of a child's psychological and emotional development, particularly as observed in the separation-individuation process, and communicating that understanding to parents, therapists, and childcare providers.

Specifically, the Foundation:

  • Engages in educational programs that disseminate information based on sound and current infant and child developmental research.
  • Engages in, promotes and supports ongoing research programs which contribute to the understanding of infant, child and adolescent development, particularly separation-individuation issues, within a variety of settings including family, day care centers, nurseries, kindergartens, schools, and society in general.
  • Encourages, assists in, and facilitates clinical, therapeutic and early intervention and prevention programs based on advances in the field of infant, child, and adolescent mental health;
  • Emphasizes training in advanced developmental theories for mental health workers and other caregivers.

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